Warranty extension Sensor systems

Hectronic products are characterised by durability and a high quality.
'GALILEO.BG' JSC introduces the possibility to extend the warranty period for up to 8 years security.
Properties of the Hectronic warranty extension:
- Valid for components with two years manufacturer warranty
- Bookable only with new purchase of OptiLevel products
- The warranty extension to 3, 4, 5, 8 or 10 years warranty (for material).

About Our Company ...

'GALILEO.BG' JSC is a joint stock company created in 2007 and deals with telemetry and telematics of mobile and stationary objects. The technology is based on the global positioning system - GPS and the GSM network. We are offering a surveillance and control technology for all kinds of vehicles, machines and equipment. You navigate your business without wasting time or manpower, under full control.
'GALILEO.BG' JSC offers complete solutions for car parks fleet management and equipment of departmental and public gas stations.

Our Experiences...

Primary purpose of the companies is to increase the efficiency of their automobile park. As an answer to those needs „GALILEO.BG” JSC is offering a high-tech surveillance system and operative control of vehicles, machines and equipment, which allows you to reduce expenses, optimize work and improve quality.